Food Stains on Glass

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Food Stains on Glass

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I have a discouraging problem. Twice I have had food placed on fused glass platters leave seemingly permanent marks. The first was on Powder Blue Opalescent. Sushi was set out at a party for a couple of hours. Slight circular ghosts were left behind on the glass. I wrote it off to the vinegar in the rice, or the nori or wasabi having an unusual effect and put the plate away. This time it is with French Vanilla Opalescent glass. Squares of noodle pudding have left a grid on the platter. It is not obvious unless light strikes the plate just right but neither of these platters can ever be displayed. I have tried isopropyl alcohol, acetone, mineral oil, CLR, vinegar, and plain old soap and water and nothing makes a difference. Any suggestions? Has anyone else had a similar problem?

My wife , with a PhD in Chemistry will try Nitric Acid in a lab setting but it is kind of ridiculous. How do I sell platters labeled "food safe, hand-wash, and by the way don't actually use?"

Please help

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