Vegetable gardening

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Vegetable gardening

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Last year we put in a small 4 x 8 raised garden in the backyard and we were amazed by the amount of vegetables we produced and the high quality. We kept it simple with three types of leatuce, a few pepper plants, and brocolli, plus tomatos in a pot, plus herbs. This year we are expanding production, we are part of a community garden with a 12 x 12 plot, plus our 4 x 8. Anyone here familiar with square foot gardening concept? We planned on 4 - 5 x 5 sub plots with walkways. This morning was the first day and we spaded the plot (it had been plowed earlier) and mixed with compost. The result was raised plots. Any comments or suggestions on how we should proceed? BTW...location NW Indiana just outside of Chicago. Planned vegetables (in addition to last year's) include bush beans, cabbage, onions, peas, and possibly squash.

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