Mature Fruit Trees

Cultivo de frutas, hortalizas, cítricos, cereales, etc.
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Mature Fruit Trees

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I'm brand new on this forum and want to say hi. Of course, I have a question. My partner and I are about to buy some land in Cómpeta and plan to plant some fruit trees. We're thinking of Avocados, Citrus, maybe Mango and would be grateful if someone could point us in the right direction with regard to obtaining trees and when's best to plant. We're hoping that the trees we buy are mature enough to fruit... asap! We know we're being optimistic here but is this possible? Any advice or pointers where we can obtain information about planting mature trees and their care would be most appreciated..

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Mature Fruit Trees

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If you kept pruning the root system and foliage like espaliered or semi bonsai if there is such a thing there are dwarf fruit trees for all the bloody courtyard gardens, worth bit of research.

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